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St Vincent & the Grenadines

Licensed Financial Institutions

Licensed International Banks

The following is a complete and updated list of all the banks licensed to conduct international banking business in St. Vincent and the Grenadines under Section 4 of the International Banks Act, Chapter 99 of the Revised Laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 2009.

All of the banks listed below hold Class B International Banking Licenses.

  • 78 Halifax Street (3rd Floor)
    P.O Box 726
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Mail: C/O Cosmos Trust Limited
    Tel: (784) 457-1258 Fax: (784) 453-1723
    Contact: Mr. Akin John

    Contact: Dianne Samuel
    Tel: 868-625-7288 ext. 83014
    Email: dianne.samuel@rbc.com
  • Dental Arts Clinic Building
    Arnos Vale, Ground Floor
    Suite K090
    Halifax Street
    St. Vincent
    Tel: +1 (784) 453-2624
    Contact: Bernard Hamilton
    Email: bernard.hamilton@mpbbvc.com

    Contact: Juno Charles
    Email: juno.charles@mpbbvc.com or admin@mpbbvc.com


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International Banks Under Liquidation

  • Nanton's Building, Egmont St.
    P.O. Box 2630
    Kingstown, St. Vincent
    Tel: (784) 451-2030 Fax: (784) 451-2031
    Mr. Graham Crabtree
    P.O. Box 294
    The Valley, Anguilla, A12640
    Tel: (264) 476-5202
    Email: info@ceg.ai
    NB: Service of correspondence can be made at the local KPMG office at Kingstown Park, SVG
  • Cedar Hill Crest
    P.O. Box 1825
    Villa, St. Vincent
    Tel: (784) 485-6705 Fax: (784) 451-2757
    Joint Liquidators:
    Contact: Mr. Ikins Clarke
    Email: idclarke@deloitte.com

    Contact: Mr. Rikhi Rampersad
    Email: rrampersad@deloitte.com
    Further information on the Liquidation, including Notices to Creditors, Depositors and FAQs, may be obtained by accessing the following link:

    Loyal Bank Liquidation | Deloitte Barbados | Solution

    NB: Service of correspondence can be made directly at the Bank at Cedar Hill Crest, Villa
  • Suite A, 2nd Floor,
    St. Clair Investments
    Arnos Vale Building
    Arnos Vale
    Box 2043
    Kingstown VC0100
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    Tel: +1 784-482-9656

    Email: info@exnessbank.com
    David Holukoff
    P.O. Box 4259
    171 Main Street
    2nd Floor, The Barracks
    Road Town, Tortola
    British Virgin Islands
    Tel: + 1 284-340-8057
    Email: David.holukoff@uk.gt.com