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St Vincent & the Grenadines

International Business Companies

International Business Companies

IBCs are incorporated within 24hrs of the receipt of the application from a licensed Registered Agent in SVG.  The Articles of Incorporation accompanied by the requisite Registration and Annual fee will suffice for the purposes of incorporation.  A Notice of Registration of Directors may also accompany the application, if the IBC chooses to register its directors.

Some additional points to note:

  • An IBC is exempt from paying taxes in SVG (but has the option of paying 1% tax).
  • Must have a Registered Agent in SVG.
  • Cannot carry on any activity for which it requires a licence granted by the Authority, unless such a licence has been granted. (eg: Mutual Funds business, International Banking Business, International Insurance business).
  • An IBC may own land in SVG as long as it obtains an Alien Land Holding Licence.
  • May issue registered shares or bearer shares.
  • May have only one director and one shareholder.
  • Does not have to register directors and shareholders but this information must be kept with the Registered Agent (must maintain a Register).
  • Shareholders, directors and officers may reside anywhere in the world and their meetings may be held wherever they decide. There is no residency or nationality requirement for shareholders, directors and/or officers of a SVG IBC.

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